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  • account
  • token
  • collection
  • accountCollection
  • transaction
  • transfer
  • sale
  • currency
  • hourlyCollectionSnapshot
  • dailyCollectionSnapshot
  • weeklyCollectionSnapshot

Data Preview

You can see sample records of the various entities to faimilarize yourself with GraphLooker.


Description: The Wallet Address / User / Owner of an NFT

idID!The wallet address for a user
tokens[token!]!The NFT’s owned by an account.
transfersFrom[transfer!]!The transfers that were sent by an account.
transfersFrom[transfer!]!The transfers that were to an account.
accountCollection[accountCollection!]!The collections for the NFT that an account owns with the total count of NFT’s for a specific collection.


Description: ERC721 Token / The NFT

idID!Ethereum / Collection Addrress - Token Id (formatted to play nice with OpenSea)
collectioncollection!The collection address
identifierBigInt!The id of the NFT
owneraccountThe address the currently owns the token
transfers[transfer!]!Transfers involving this token


idID!The address of the collection
nameStringThe name of the collection
symbolStringThe symbol for the collection
totalSupplyBigIntTotal Supply of Tokens. As the NFTs of a collection are minted, this increments by 1.
mintPriceBigDecimalGeneral Mint Price (does not factor discounted rates or team mints)
tokens[token!]!Tokens for the collection
supportsMetadataBooleanCollection supports metadata
totalSalesInt!Total sales for the collection (transfer event + indexed sale event
totalVolumeBigDecimal!Total volume (ETH and WETH only)
topSaleBigDecimal!The largest ETH/WETH sale for the collection
hourlyCollectionSnapshot[hourlyCollectionSnapshot!]!Hourly info about the collection
dailyCollectionSnapshot[dailyCollectionSnapshot!]!Daily info about the collection
weeklyCollectionSnapshot[weeklyCollectionSnapshot!]!Weekly info about the collection
accountCollection[accountCollection!]!M:M relationship for Accounts and Collections


idID!Account Id - Collection Id
accountaccount!Address of the account
collectioncollection!Address of the NFT Collection
tokenCountInt!Count of NFT's owned in a collection by the Address

Important Note: If an address sells it's last NFT in the collection, the record will be removed from this entity.


idID!the hash of the tx
timestampInt!Timestamp for block
blockNumberInt!Block Number
transactionFromBytes!Address who initiated the transaction
transfers[transfer!]!Transfers that occured within the transaction
sales[sale!]Sale events that occured within the transaction
unmatchedTransferCountInt!Count of how many transfers were not matched to a sale. Used internally for transfer & sale matching
gasPriceBigIntcurrently unstable


idID!Block Number and Event Id in which the transfers event occured
transactiontransaction!Transaction hash in which the transfer event occured
collectioncollection!The collection address
tokentoken!The collection addrress - The token id
senderAddressaccountThe sender address
receiverAddressaccountThe receiver address
timestampInt!Timestamp for block
blockNumberInt!Block Number
amountBigDecimal!The amount of ETH paid
matchedSalesalematched sale event for the transfer


idID!Block Number and Event Id in which the sale event occured
transactiontransaction!Transaction that the sale occured in
currencycurrencyThe currency that the sale was paid in
amountBigDecimal!the amount of the sale
timestampInt!Timestamp for block
blockNumberInt!Block Number
platformStringThe name of the marketplace where the sale occurred


idID!The currency address. If unknown ERC20 due to lack of event info: '0xbadfeed000000000000000000000000000000000'
decimalsIntThe number of decimals used for the currency
nameString!The currency name (eg Ether, Wrapped Ether)
symbolString!The currency symbol (eg ETH, WETH)


idID!The collection address - The hour
timestampIntUnix Week (Timestamp / 3600 * 3600)
collectioncollection!The collection address
hourlyVolumeBigDecimal!The hourly volume
hourlyTransactionsIntNumber of hourly transactions
hourlyAvgSaleBigDecimal!Average sale amount for the hour
topSaleBigDecimal!Hourly top sales
bottomSaleBigDecimal!Hourly bottom sales


idID!The collection address - The day
timestampIntUnix Week (Timestamp / 86400 * 86400)
collectioncollection!The collection address
dailyVolumeBigDecimal!The daily volume
dailyTransactionsIntNumber of daily transactions
dailyAvgSaleBigDecimal!Average sale amount for the day
topSaleBigDecimal!Daily top sales
bottomSaleBigDecimal!Daily bottom sales


idID!The collection address - The week
timestampIntUnix Week (Timestamp / 604800 * 604800)
collectioncollection!The collection address
weeklyVolumeBigDecimal!The monthly volume
weeklyTransactionsIntNumber of monthly transactions
weeklyAvgSaleBigDecimal!Average sale amount for the week
topSaleBigDecimal!Weekly top sales
bottomSaleBigDecimal!Weekly bottom sales